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Different blockchains exist to solve different problems, and we don't believe one chain can solve them all. Let us help you find, build or operate a chain that fits your needs.

Speed Matters

At, we are blockchain agnostic. We do, however, give precedence to blockchains that are focused on delivering high performance that could withstand the demands of the real world.

Cost Matters

We believe blockchains designed on a fee-per-transaction model to minimize sybil attacks are Gen-1. specializes in next generation chains that can power large scale applications.

Governance Matters

There's power in the human potential, but also an ever increasing need for growth. That's why we support community governed blockchains that aren't subject to pluralism and plutocracies.

What We Do

The team at specializes in the design, development, and block production (e.g. mining) of various blockchain and related technologies. We have worked with hundreds of contributors all over the world to launch and support well-known Layer 1 blockchain solutions.

Wallet Development

For most, a wallet is their gateway to the world of blockchain. We are a premier developer of popular wallet software for several chains.

Block Production and its subsidiaries are current miners, standby, and top 21 block producers for widely-used blockchains.

Full Node Operators runs reliable full node endpoints to support its various operations, subsidiaries, partners and tools, such as wallets.

Custom Solutions

We support an incremental approach to blockchain for enterprises. That's why we provide custom industry-specific solutions for our partners.

Global Presence

Since the advent of the Internet, physical borders have ceased to exist. That's why we are a blockchain company with a massive global reach.

Community Involvement

We are avid supporters of all the blockchain communities we are involved in. "Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you."

GRAND CAYMANCayman IslandsOct. 30, 2019 -- Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX)™ today announced the creation of an Office of the Inspector General (OIG) role, with serving as the first chair.

"Evaluating and selecting block producers is a crucial dependency of DPoS-based blockchains..."

Williams Quigley

co-founder, in Yahoo

"If you want to take advantage of all the features of Telos, you really want to get Sqrl wallet. With Sqrl you can go from voting to earning REX rewards to signing for a dapp to swapping tokens - all from the same easy to use interface."

Douglas Horn

whitepaper author, Telos Blockchain

"We started in a time where there was not so much documentation available yet on vital processes like account creation. The open source work and support of the team helped us in kickstarting WordProof!"

Sebastiaan van der Lans


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Our Team

The team behind has over 50 years experience in established and startup organizations alike, plus decades of software development, business management, and information technology expertise.

Our work spans across multiple industries, from healthcare, telecommunications, and social networking, to contact center infrastructure, logistics and blockchain.

Marlon Williams

CEO, Founder
Founder, chief executive and technology officer

Praveen Yalamanchi

COO, Co-Founder
Co-founder, chief operations and business development officer

Chris Thomas

Head of Infrastructure
Network and systems administration, DevOps

Julian Williams

Jr. Blockchain/DevOps Developer
Software development, devops, and systems admin

Naomi Nielsen

Head of Communications
Content, social media and marketing communications

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